Saturday, March 13, 2010

PLACENTA anyone?

Today I've pampered my car the most since many many years, I gave her a thorough bath + vacumm early in the morning by myself, both interior and exterior, went for engine oil change, oil filter as well as spark plug. :) Cost me, but yet its worthwhile! Feel bad for treating her so badly all these while....

After all the pampering was done, I went to check the price of Procenta in the nearby pharmacy. It was introduce to me in SASA weeks back when I window shopping. I was thinking to get a beauty supplement as I'm well over 25, (where my metabolisme heading downwards). The promoter recommended it as the best supplement they have on shelf there. Oh well... it was RM188 for 10 bottles currently with current promo of 2 extra collagen drink on pack. It was the cheapest price for placenta you could get. For collagen supplements you can get it at a cheaper price of course.

When I was checking it out in the pharmacy today, the shopkeeper inroduce me to a collagen drink instead as procenta was not sold there. It was priced at RM71 for 6 bottles of collagen+royal jelly. NH colla-plus they call it. The shopkeeper advice me not to consume placenta concerntrade since I am still young, she emphasize that consuming placenta is different from collagen in the sense that once you consume it, you must continue else..... the effect might be worsen. I was pondering, was she advicing that because she don't have it in store? Oh well but she did agree that placenta concerntrade have better results that collagen. ^_^ After that I was determined to google more about placenta and its benefits. Well thiking of the extraction process is a bit disgusting though.... and .... I forgot to mention, I bought the NH colla-plus to try out.....

After googling about placenta and all...., I couldn't resist a blog posting.... why?
Here is why....
-----> I've found out that humans are actually eating their own placenta (after giving birth to own children) Could you imagine??
Well, I never thought of that until I read about it awhile ago... well maybe I'm just out-dated.

Interested to see how your own placenta looks like?? (if you had one?)

Could you imagine yourself eating these??? Gross!! yet... its nutrition value are exceptional....
Here are some simple steps on how to prepare and keep your placenta for long term consumption as shared in one of the forums!
1. Rinsing it off good
2. Let the surface blood to drip off
3. Steaming it for 15 min on each side (till it doesn't drip blood when you cut it)
4. Slicing it in 1/8 " strips
5. Dehydrate it till so dry that it snaps when broken
6. Grinding it in the coffee grinder, and putting it into vegicaps
7. Enjoy it with champagne/red wine
Remember: It must be prepared fresh~ so get your hands down dirty to prepare it once you are discharge from the hospital k?
Here is a link on how to dehydrate your placenta!! Cool!!
Best supplement in the world I would say! Everything a human being needs!!

Its yours to decide! Would you eat your own baby's placenta?
I'm still in doubt.... who knows maybe I'll try if I have the chance to.....
If you have experience consuming/preparing it, I'd love to hear from you.... even if you never tried, feel free to share you thought!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life is a Learning Stairway - 9th March 2010

Yeah~ Its finally over....

Yesterday was ALTERA Toastmaster's club first International Speech and Table Topic contest. Being one of the CC in our club, I was delibrately forced to participated as one of the contestant in the International Speech contest. Well, I do enjoy giving speeches, but sometimes its just bothers me if I'm busy and I can't prepare myself or perform as I want to... I wanted to quit all these while before the contest... but after the contest, guess what? I was actually grateful for joining the contest!!
WHY? There are few things I've learnt throughout the process. These are specifically for me. item 1 is the one thing i learn't this time around.

1) Your speech should be fully written by yourself. The speaker should be the Author!! Don't Cheat! the end results would not be as good as it were yours. I've experience it myself and I hope to give a true speech which meets my own expectation someday! Stay tune for my first AC assignment!! :)

2) Don't get over excited, talk slowly and body language should be just nice, too much ain't good at all. This is my personal mistake, most people have inadequate body language, but for me its just the other way around.

3) Hand gestures should be used appropriately. Don't create sound when using hand gestures as this will distract audience attention as well as annoy them. My bad habit of claping hands when giving out speeches.. probably because I was nervous?

4) Be prepared!! Do try to give your speech in front of the mirror so that you can know how you look like when you are giving the speech and if your hand gestures are appropriate! Always time yourself, for me, trial for slower that actual speeches. Wonder why??? maybe I'm too nervous?!?
Special Thanks to the committee for organizing this event. It gave us a platform to learn and we enjoyed ourself very much at the same time!

Here is a group photo of the event.... I'm the Runner Up (2nd place), happy with the results indeed!! :)

~till then......

Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY 2010~Year of the TIGER : ROAR!

What so different about CNY this year compared to last year?

1) Nap many many times.. why? probably too tired...

2) Did not login to work on CNY 1st and 2nd day.... probably getting old and lazy

3) Less visiting compared to last year...= less ang pows why? Just a fact... too lazy to make the proactiv move, and less invites from friends...
4) Little nadal is here to share our joy of welcoming 2010 CNY! :)

Here are some photos of little nadal and me taken during CNY! cheers!
NADAL says: Gong Xi Gong Xi!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

my samsung J700

Wow!! amazing!! Samsung J-700 is pretty amazing!! recommended phone to buy if you are looking for something simple and tough.... WOnder why TOUGH?
well, netherless to say those who know me well enough, will know how i take care of my things... one word.. like S***.... why? i never know how to appreciated things that I use..... why? .............. bad habit since young.... geez.... so not like a girl.....
Why it is tough?
it suffered alot from various dropping... but today it suffered even more......usually it was just a table height, or from my pocket height... but today! it drop approximately from 3M height.... i went to my rooftop to do my laundry and the phone accidentally slip from my hand as i was struggling to hang the cloths and talk on the phone at the same time... bad me.... bad bad me...
Amazingly! the call dint drop (as the battery still stays on the phone...) hohoho...

Here is the photo of my wounded beauty! hope it can last long long although it is treated so badly by its master... gomenasai... please forgive me....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"Good Bye!" Wisdom Tooth....

I decided to have one of my wisdom tooth removed today! I was expecting something simple eventhough alot told me that wisdom tooth removal may be pretty scary.... alot of after effect may happen -> if the dentist is not "pro" enough... or if the patient do not handle with care.... bla bla bla.....

Somehow all these was not stored in my brain UNTIL, i reach the dental clinic.... laying down at the chair getting ready for the operation..... not sure how... but i started to I freaked out!

I was not observing what the doctor was doing back then.... just praying that it will be over soon..... it was scary at first, and i was praying for it to get over, and geez... the medicine really make me unconscious!! I wasn't even aware that it was out..... I only know that the most painful part was having the painkiller injection, that time my Dgums was not numb yet ma..... due to the fact that my tooth was well align (it was facing straight up although there was no space for it to protrude further.....), it took the dentist less than 20mins to settle the tooth..... haiz....I'm missing it already.... felt pretty sad it have to leave me... it looked strong and healthy...

Here is a photo of my freshly extracted wisdom tooth :)

Its still bleeding non stop till now, and my mouth is still numb....

I was advise to bite on a cotton to absorb the blood... and I continously change it....

I'm damn broke now...

Total $$ spend on my Teeth this month (july)

-> RM430 + RM630 -> RM1060

Geez..... My teeth wasn't giving me any additional expenditure except for tooth brush, tooth paste and annual cleaning.....ever since I was born.... primary school dental was government sponsored ma... and now.... all of the sudden.... it gave my pocket a big hole....

Here is the breakdown:
RM430 -> Including Cleaning, Filling x 6, x-ray x 2
RM630 -> Surgical extraction... bye wisdom tooth.....

Having slight fever, vomit feeling now.... hope it go over soon.........

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Luncheon @ Look Yuen

Mother's Day :- Family Outing

Woke up at 7am this morning, dint had enough sleep, but can't get back to bed as well. After washing myself, I went to have breakfast followed with a morning wet market groceries shopping as well as hypermarket shopping with my dear mum.

Mum requested to go over to mainland for lunch as well as to visit our ducky who was left apart from us now.... So, we went. Too bad I dint took photos of the ducky.... it is bigger and independent now... so sad that it doesn't follow your footsteps anymore. But luckily it is still brave enough to eat from our hands... :)

After feeding ducky and letting it out for a walk, I played with our little pet doggy, "RAOUL". He is a black color minature pincher.. Well, I forgot to took photo of it today... so its handsome face have to wait for my future posts.

Not long after we went for our mother's day luncheon at "Look Yuen" restaurant at Bukit Tengah.
We had a mix fruit platter + rojak as appetizer.

As for the main dishes, we had, Fish Maw Soup, Mix Vege, Sour Sweet Pork, Fried Marinated Chicken, Pig foot. It cost us RM69 including a Jug of Apple Juice. It was a meal for 6. Worth? ^_^

Look Yuen = "le4 yuan2"

The place was crowded and it is well known for being reasonably priced! hem....
Tonight we are having SteamBoat Diner at Home. Mum insisted to have steamboat at home, so well, we are not going to dine outside... after all we just follow the queen's order... Helping mum to prepare for diner now....

Friday, May 1, 2009

MY very first time....

Wonder what was the very first time?

Well, its an incident associated with a great meal with my best buddy at Sunway Piramid KL.

Not to mention, it was the first time I was hanging out with my wife alone in KL. ^_^

Charmaine(her online nick) drove me to Sunway Piramid to shop, as she mention that there was a new wing. We had our shopping as usual and I bought 1 shirt, and two shorts. After the tiring yet enjoyable shopping spree, we decided to have tea/lunch (it was 3 sumtin -> 4 when we had our meal) in a BBQ+SteamBoat Restaurant.... pardon me as I forgot the name of the place, nor did I took photo of the restaurant.
Below are some shots taken during the meal.

Well, we ordered the seafood platter for two which include, udon, prawns, scallop, fish, cabbage, chicken, mushroom, baby corn, squid, garlic fried rice, etc
The food was wasn't bad, they were fresh so was the soup base. We were happily enjoying the food and when we were just about full, charmaine suddenly shouted! Oh my! there was a small coarch on our table and its crawling into the plate of food.... we were stunt! without wasting more time, i squash it with my bare hands.... haha ^_^
Charmaine said she don't have the appetite to eat anymore, so we ask the waiter to come here to complain on their restaurant cleanliness! afterall its inside Sunway Piramid! The waiter took away our plate of food, and has a small dicussion with her colleages, shortly their manager came over and apologize on the matter, she said: " sorry, its our fault, so what do you want?". I was suprise on her reply that she did not even offered to replace the meal... yet.... ask for what we desire, without further ado, I replied " we are not going to pay for this meal". And she said " its ok"..... and we left!

What a day! we have RM40 over for lunch today! Thanks to the small coarch that came on to our table... it was the first time I've demanded for a free meal............. it was all good!

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